About US

The Chemist brand has been established in 2017 as the extension of Cosmedia Vape Labs offering in the e-liquids / e-cigarette markets. The real-life Chemist’s vision was to inform all smokers about the healthier alternative of vaping with the potential of quitting smoking as they did. More than 250 products have been developed and sold under private label before Nikolas Papasolomontos’ The Chemist brand hit the UK market in November 2018.

The Chemist offers a wide range of products and its always developing a number of new and unique flavors for all vape enthusiasts.

The Chemist may be brand new but our history is quite long! Meet the inspirators of The Chemist:

Solon Papasolomontos

Solon Papasolomontos, is a chemist who built his first cosmetic factory in 1986 and runs it until this day. With his industrial knowledge and establishment he leads the conversation on critical matters in regards to the beginning of the first e-liquid production. Until today he supports Cosmedia Vape Labs using his 38 years of  experience in the chemical industry.

Nikolas Papasolomontos

Nicolas Papasolomontos is the founder of Cosmedia Vape Labs. As a Chemist and passionate vaper he runs the production line of the company and the RnD for new and better flavors. His flavor quest begun in 2014 as a flavor DIYer. His first simple recipes were produced in his father chemical laboratory and started selling in a local vape shop. As more complicated recipes started being produced having local commercial success, his quest and promise began for finding the ultimate vaping flavor recipe. In 2016 when the TPD law was enforced in EU, he went through a big process in regards to scientific analysis of the products, by-products and academic research on the health hazards of vaping. This mandatory research gave Nicolas a lot of knowledge about the science behind vaping concerning product analysis and health hazards compared to cigarette smoking health hazards. With a renewed sense of mission, Nikolas began a second quest to create informational and educational material, available to regular smokers, potential smokers, vapers and general public about the health hazards of each habit.

Kostas Chatzicharalampous

Kostas Chatzicharalampous is the force behind the company’s operations. He is the guy that answers all the important questions and takes the final decision when it comes to vital strategic matters. He developed this talent in decisive management due to many years spent as a passionate professional basketball player. Since the beginning of 2017 when he officially joined the company, he took over the part of operations and personal relations with Cosmedia Vape Labs main clients. He is your go-to guy for anything you need to learn to get your hands on The Chemist products. Last but not least, he is a passionate vaper and the #1 fan of all The Chemist products!