Show me what you VAPE and I’ll tell you who you are!


When you are a vaper for some time you have probably tried out a few different styles of vaping and several types of mods and atomizers. Finally, you have found the one that suits you better, you love it, and is a part of your daily life. This final decision can say a lot about what type of vaper you are and I have come to the conclusion that it reveals a lot about the personality of the vaper himself.

It’s quite similar with how the fashion police assess your personality based on the clothes you wear (but not in that harsh way).

So let's see which are the basic categories and the common personality characteristics I have noticed over the years.

- The discreet vaper. They use small devices, higher nicotine strength, and ohm. The style of vaping is mouth-to-lung. They mostly care about the practical delivery of nicotine without a lot of vapor or perfect flavour. They are usually practical, smart and introverted persons. Discrete, low profile and easy-going guys.
- The flavourist. They don’t give much attention to their mod as high wattage is not important but are constantly looking for the atomiser that gives the best flavour and never use premade coils. They own at least one dripper atomiser which they build only with single coils, higher ohms and the biggest possible surface area for best flavour. They have tried at least once DIY e-liquids. They describe a flavour with passion and words that remind wine commercial. They usually have a good taste in other things too like clothing, interior design, perfumes, wines and food. They are also people with strong personal opinion.

- The cloud chaser. Usually a young male, most likely a show of. You can spot them anywhere, even when they are driving. They vape at 80 to 200 W and use the higher VG liquid. They usually build enormous coils and brag about it. If they would buy a new car, it would be a fancy one with a lot of horse power and the first tune up would be a sport exost.

Have this in mind when you see a hand check picture on a vaping Facebook page. But remember that a vaper can have a combination of attributes in the above categories. I know I do.

Remember! It's not important what type of vaper you are. All of us are members of the proud club of vapers worldwide.


The Chemist!