VAPE with love!


When vaping came out in the market back in the day, most of my smoker friends and I took some time and effort to try it out. All of us knew the three major pros of this habit conversion.

  • Reduction of the health risks and potentially premature death (67% of long use smokers),

  • An increase in lung capacity and stamina and

  • Avoiding the ashtray mouth smell.

Even by knowing these facts, not all of them endorsed vaping. Some vaped only for a few days, some vaped for three months and some vaped and smoked in the same period until a glass or a mod was broken.

I had plenty of conversations over the years with these people as it was a real interest of mine to understand what was the actual problem with their vaping endorsement. I came out with the following, almost universal conclusion: THEY WERE NOT VAPING WITH LOVE. They were giving emphasis on the difficulties of vaping for example device liking liquid, a glass breaking, a battery running out on the wrong time … which are all true cons of vaping.

But if you love your life, your health and the people close to you then you unconsciously love vaping, you love new good flavours, you love your vaping device and you vape with love. If you love yourself then you love vaping and you carry 2 extra batteries with you, you repair your device the soonest and always have a backup one. When you love vaping, you become part of this special worldwide club. Others call it “the vapers” but I like to call it “A club with people that love their life!”


The Chemist!