Vape FAQs


What is a vaporizer?

It’s a device designed for e-smoking, like a basic e-cig, but more advanced. Advanced Personal Vaporizers run on batteries, use liquid nicotine, and offer nicotine if you choose. Just like e-cigs, there is no smoke, tar, or odor.

What is Vaping?

Vapor smoking. The act of vaping. Using an electronic cigarette/ vaporizer/ mod for personal enjoyment. Basically, anything that involves getting down with the vape.

Is it really cheaper to vape than smoke?

While the upfront starter costs to use an e-cigarette or advanced vaporizer are higher than a single pack of cigarettes, the long term cost is significantly less. Here is a look at how you can save even more money when vaping.

Does using a vaporizer/ e-cig feel just like traditional cigarettes?

It’s a similar process and concept, however, the actual motion of using a vaporizer is very different from dragging on a cigarette. You will inhale and puff, intake the vapor and nicotine, and exhale, but there is a difference in how you puff.

Can I seriously vape anywhere I want?

Generally, yes. It has become very common to see vapers using their devices in many public places, however, there are some restrictions to keep in mind. Vaping on airplanes is prohibited, and a variety of US cities have bans in public places. And, then there is the common courtesy aspect; remember your vaping etiquette so you don’t make a fool of yourself.

How do I know what’s in my e-liquid?

While we can’t say what other brands have in their liquid, here’s what’s in ours:

  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Propylene Glysol
  • Aqua
  • Natural and Artificial Flavourings

What do variable voltage and variable wattage mean?

Basically, these are settings on specifically advanced vaporizers that enable users to manually adjust the heat of the atomizer for a personally tailored vaping experience. Using these devices requires a good amount of knowledge of amps, watts, and resistance levels for proper use and satisfaction.

What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

An alternative method of smoking, without tobacco, smoke, or tar involved. Electronic cigarettes are devices that enable smokers to smoke via an electronic method, using a brilliant combination of technology and science to simulate the smoking experience. The result is total satisfaction, in a clean, smoke-free, streamlined fashion that is incredibly fun to do.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Regulated?

Not at the moment. Eventually, (for better or for worse) they will be at some point in the future.

What is E-Liquid?

E-liquid, AKA E-juice, vape juice, vape liquid, is the solution that gets vaporized in electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. It is tobacco-free, and creates a vapor when used. It can include nicotine if the user wants it, and it has the incredibly awesome benefit of coming in thousands upon thousands of different flavors.

What is the Best Vape Device: E-Cigs or Vape Pens?

It’s a personal matter; vapers have preferences individually. Many start off with e-cigs, because of their similarity to traditional cigarettes in size and shape, and then transition to larger, more powerful devices like vape pens. Other vapers start off with vape pens knowing they want more power and don’t mind the larger size. It’s all a matter of personal taste.

Are E-Cigarettes Hard to Use?

Generally, no. However, if you’ve never dabbled or experienced vaping, you will have to learn the way of the walk. Watch a few tutorials, read the instructions from the manufacturer of your device, and get hands-on with your device; you’ll be vaping proper in no time!

Can E-Cigarettes Be Used in Public?

Oftentimes, yes. It is very common to see people using them in public in many places, however, if you ever notice any “No Vaping” signs, be courteous and don’t vape. If you are unsure in a certain place, do the wise thing and avoid vaping until you get it confirmed by someone with some authority.